Michelle is a Labor and Delivery nurse and as a nurse her day was probably more disgusting than yours.

Michelle’s favorite things include:
-       Her down comforter
-       Aggressively quoting movies and tv shows at her friends and family
-       Singing, humming and/or whistling constantly, even when people wish she would stop
-       Eating frosting right out of the can with a spoon
-       Obsessively over-researching any place she travels to
-       Watching reality medical shows that gross other people out with the gusto of a diehard football fan
-       Over-photographing her entire life and that of everyone around her
-       And most importantly of all: finding the perfect doughnut place in every city she visits

Ever wonder what I used to write about on the internet a few years ago?? You can find my first blog at Yesterday's Child on blogspot. Ah, youth. 


Kayla is an eternal student of the world, currently getting her PhD in biomedical sciences and she only emerges from the lab when dragged.

Kayla’s favorite things include:
-       Going to yoga every day. Sometimes twice a day
-     Demonstrating yoga poses when tipsy, which often ends up with her falling on the floor
-       Cooking a ton of really yummy food, thereby making her friends feel inadequate (but so grateful)
-       Once drinking so much coffee in college that she told Michelle that she was “vibrating” as her hands were shaking
-       Spending so much time voluntarily working that her friends consider staging an intervention for her. 

Our Story

Kayla and Michelle met in 1999 when they both performed in a children’s theatre version of Huckleberry Finn. The turning point in their relationship was their song and dance performance to “I Wanna Be Like You” from The Jungle Book. Little did they know that pictures of them as monkeys from that pre-show would haunt them for the rest of their lives. 

They went on to become great friends in their teens, sharing numerous trips to Disney World, New York City, to college auditions and many other random places along the way. Eventually they would end up sharing an apartment at Florida State for two LONG years. Many late nights, shows spent performing as men, long drives belting out show tunes and fun times later, they decided the world could not go on without a blog venture from them.

So here you go, our shout into the void. 


Heather is an experienced world traveler extraordinaire who has been to 14 countries, and lived abroad in Scotland and South Korea. She is currently a sleepless grad student and a high school english teacher.

Heather’s favorite things:
-       Going in every bookstore in every town she visits (sometimes more than once)
-     Epically failing to recreate the Kool-aid man’s famous “Oh yeah!”
-     Listening to podcasts on topics ranging from eugenics to lady farts and from vultures to Queen Victoria! And then imparting information learned in said podcasts to anyone and everyone.
-       A love of all things Scottish. Particularly castles, pubs, and blokes in kilts!
-     Reminding herself in times of difficulty, "I survived trains in China. I CAN DO ANYTHING!"
-     Her home zoo (2 cats and a dog)


About Rachael

Rachael is Michelle’s sister and they have learned to actually enjoy spending time together as they get older (although they definitely played a lot of playmobile together as kids). Rachael is contemplating her vast life choices in choosing her college major and a job she might not hate. She is way better at doing makeup than Michelle.

Rachael’s favorite things include:

-       Liking dogs better than all humans.
-       Spending a lot of money at Sephora on beauty items.
-       Coming up with witty things to tweet.
-       Reese’s cups
-       Playing spot the service dog in public places.
-       Making Internet friends that aren’t serial killers. (So far…)
-       Eating her food really, really fast.