New York, New York!

New York, New York
You’re a helluva town
— On the Town

Rachael and I took a last minute trip to New York and New Jersey last weekend! So why not a post about the Big Apple? (Get ready for a REALLY photo heavy post)

We decided last Wednesday that we were going to fly to NY on Saturday. How’s that for last minute planning? All made possible because of my wonderful friend Liz who lives just over the river in New Jersey. We stayed with her, which is where I stayed when I went to visit her last November as well.

The city from the New Jersey side of the river! 

We got there early Saturday morning and ate some breakfast before heading into the city to see Darren Criss in Hedwig and the Angry Inch. At first we weren’t sure we were going to see a show but then Rachael remembered that Darren Criss was in Hedwig and we decided that we’d see that.

An illegal picture of the Hedwig stage

Hedwig is an hour and forty minute rock show/acid trip. It was delightfully quirky and hilarious though! I’m not sure I’d see it with anyone but Darren Criss because I loved his version of the role. I laughed out loud many times throughout the show and I can’t imagine having to peform that show 8 times a week because it is crazy hard vocally! I also loved Rebecca Naomi Jones in the lead female role. Whew can she sing! 

His eyes are all over New York… 

After the show we met up with Liz and headed over to Mother Burger  for some amazing food. Love their burgers!! Their meat is locally sourced from Long Island and man is it delicious! I’ve had both the turkey burger and regular burger and they are awesome.

With as many photos as I take, you'd think I'd learn to get my finger out of it. 

With our gorgeous host! 

With our gorgeous host! 

After that we wandered up to Columbus Circle and into Central Park. After dog watching in Central Park (Rachael and I exclaiming overy ever single dog) we wandered over to the Hudson Hotel’s two different rooftop bars. We ended up sitting down for some (albeit pricy) drinks at the Sky Terrace. But hey, you’re paying for the atmosphere. 

The Hudson Hotel lobby

Throwing some serious shade at Liz.

Next we headed back to midtown to the piano bar Don’t Tell Mama. Unfortunately we’re old ladies (and had been awake since like 3:45 am) so when we got there at 7ish there wasn’t much singing happening.

After a bit of time there we headed back to Hedwig to try the stage door, since the stars hadn’t come out after the matinee. But a couple hundred teenagers waiting see Darren Criss wasn’t our idea of a great time so after a bit of waiting we decided to leave and head home. 

Some things never change, like me chasing sunsets. 

Don't Tell Mama! 

Don't Tell Mama! 

We spent Sunday sleeping in and then headed down to the river in New Jersey to walk, sit and people watch (DOG WATCH). It was a gorgeous day, windy but sunny. That evening was the Tony Awards so we classed it up with Chinese takeout and watched the Red Carpet and Tony’s! 

Mmmm, chinese food! 

Mmmm, chinese food! 

Monday we headed back into the city to go to the public library at Lincoln Center. There was a Sinatra exhibit we wandered through (only took the rest of the day to get his version of New York, New York out of my head).

I devoured a yummy ham sandwich on a baguette at the Muffins Café on the Upper West Side, Liz headed to work and Rachael and I wandered across the park to the Met for the singular purpose of taking Rachael’s picture on the steps (a la Gossip Girl). Sidenote: I’ve never been to New York when it hasn’t been cold and/or snowing, so being there during the summer is gorgeous! There is green on the trees and everything!! 

Muffins Cafe

Central Park boat pond

After that we headed down to the Strand bookstore but took a quick stop in Grand Central Station because Rachael had never seen it. We met up with one of best friends from childhood, Meagan! We headed down and got a doughnut from Dough. Then walked to The Strand Bookstore. I wanted to move in, I mean four stories of books??? I restrained myself and only bought a couple of books.

Rachael's photo of Grand Central

I promise this doughnut from Dough is not as big as it looks! The plate is just tiny!

Be still my heart

We wandered up to Madison Square Park with the intention to get Shake Shack from the original. Mmmm. But we hung out a bit with Meagan before she left to go home. We stood in the, admittedly quite long line but finally got our food and frozen custard! Liz met us and we headed back to her house because we were tired and sore from all the walking we did that day. 

We ended the night with a misty walk along the river home, gazing at the New York skyline. Ahhh…