The Women's March on Washington

I heard about the Women's March on Washington back in December and was desperately trying to figure out a way to get there! But hotels at that point were so darn expensive (around $1000/night) that I didn't think it was going to happen. I'd also been trying to find someone that wanted to go with me and could afford and had the time off work. 

Fast forward to the week before the inauguration and suddenly I was finding tons of hotel rooms that weren't that expensive. So I finally talked Heather into driving into D.C. with me! 

We drove in early Saturday morning, slept for 3 hours and then drove the rest of the way into the city Saturday morning. It was a little rough, sleep wise. But it was so exciting to be sitting in traffic just outside the capitol and seeing so many people wearing pink pussy hats!! When we got close to our hotel in the city all we saw was sidewalks full of people headed to the march with signs!! And oh, the signs!! There were so many great, funny, inventive, beautiful signs! 

My biggest take away from the March was that there was a lot of people pissed off with the way women and girls are treated in this day and age. Also, there is a lot of things people don't like about the current administration. 

Then there was the chants!! Oh, so many great chants. My favorite was probably "This is what democracy looks like." Because that one hit home to me. We live in this great country where we have the right to protest and the freedom of speech to say what we want to. I also really enjoyed, "We will not go away, welcome to your first day." 

There were so many people there for the March. Whatever they showed on TV and whatever number they estimated the crowds at, it had to be more. Everywhere we went and everywhere we turned we ran into a solid wall of people. It was amazing and inspiring. 

Everyone that we ran into was also so nice! We had some great conversations with people from all over, and some people that were local to the D.C. area. The spirit of camaraderie and respect was so lovely!