Hello and Welcome!!

Hey there! And welcome to our blog! I hope you like our spiffy new website. Don’t forget to check out the about page for more information about who were are and you can contact us on the contact page!  

Kayla and I have been talking and dreaming about starting a blog together for over a year now. Kayla will make a meal or a dessert and say, “Oooh we should put this on our blog!” It was kind of a running joke. But now it actually exists! Thanks to a week spent on my couch after fracturing my foot. Lots of time sitting on my butt meant lots of time to play around with our blog and start writing some posts. 

Why Sunshine and Thyme?

Well because sunshine is a vital life force, and specifically mine. I joked to a friend recently that “I can feel myself grow stronger in the sunlight”. And because sunshine invokes lazy summer afternoons, beach days and glorious sunsets. Then thyme because it’s a funny little play on words. It means time and it also means thyme because cooking and consuming food is another vital life force. Because what fun is life without a little spice thrown in?

What exactly is the theme of this blog?

Everything?? It’s a bit of a lifestyle blog but it includes everything from baking and cooking to photography and travel. Who knows what else may sneak in? A fashion post? Gift recommendations? Maybe. A hair or makeup tutorial? Never say never. It’s really just a collection of things we love and hope you do too!

Who are you guys? 

I (Michelle) am a Labor and Delivery nurse, and I’ve been a nurse since 2014. Kayla is a PhD student working in a lab researching breast cancer. We currently live in Birmingham, AL.

You can check out our about page for more information.

Welcome to our goofy little corner of the internet!

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