Best of Birmingham: Holler & Dash

Last weekend we tried the new biscuit place Holler & Dash!! It's a biscuit house for goodness sake! 

Above was my Strawberry & Dash meal which was strawberries and whipped cream on a biscuit. It was so yummy. I was a little unsure what the combo of biscuits with whipped cream would taste like but it was a lot like strawberry shortcake! 

Rachael's Chicken Biscuit. One of her favorite types of biscuit, although I'm surprised she didn't get biscuits and gravy! 

CJ's frittata!

And Kayla's tater tot bowl! Yum!

So, if you're in the area I highly recommend stopping by Holler & Dash one morning for some good 'ole southern cooking! 

Best of Birmingham: Feast & Forest

How about a Best of Birmingham series?? I'm sure you're dying to know all of our favorite Birmingham spots! 

We tried out Feast & Forest downtown last weekend for brunch and it was very yummy. This place is super cute and pretty hipster. I got the cinnamon roll skillet with blueberry whipped cream which was delectable and Rachael and Kayla got different types of biscuits. I also fell in love with the look of this funfetti cake they have and I want it for my birthday. 

Feast & Forest is located at 212 24th St N Birmingham, AL. They are open for breakfast, lunch and Saturday brunch. 

Happy 4th of July!!

Happy 4th of July, Americans!! 

We celebrated by getting patriotic doughnuts from Heavenly Donut Company yesterday. Then we drank pretty sodas, laid by the pool, ate tacos at a tapas place, made smores in the microwave (because the fire pit wouldn't light), and watched fireworks today.

We also tried to decide if Kayla's poolside hairdo looked more like Elvis, a victorian woman or Bam Bam from the Flinestones. Cast your votes now. 

All in all not a bad 4th of July! 

Saturday Means Farmer's Markets!

We love farmer's markets so much around here!! They're such a fun way to get out of the house on a Saturday morning. They're also my favorite place to baby and dog watch! 

If you were wondering how much we love farmer's market, it should be obvious since both Kayla and I's photos on the about page are from farmer's markets! 

All farmer's markets are not created equal, but Birmingham's Pepper Place is pretty darn awesome! The summer market is its biggest and busiest time but there are so many great things to buy. Lots of produce, local artisans, food trucks, and local restaurants. 

Scope out some different farmer's markets in your area. Sometimes bigger cities have the best ones, but other great ones may be located in a particularly rural area with lots of farms for produce! 

So many interesting things to see at farmer's market. Like the most psychedelic bus/VW bus combo I've ever seen.

The farmer's market in Pensacola

What's your favorite thing to get at the farmer's markets?
Where is the best one that you've been to?