Michelle turns 25!

On April 11th I turned 25! Twenty five, one of the major milestone birthdays. A quarter of a century (Or as Kayla’s mom texted me, “You’re a half a century old!!).

My mom, my sister Rachael and my niece Emerie were in town for the week before my birthday and so we’d headed to Atlanta on Friday night. We woke up on Saturday to head to the Southeastern Railway Museum (http://www.srmduluth.org). We decided to go because E loves trains but I have to admit I love trains quite a bit too. I’ve been obsessed with them since I was little and I still want to take an Amtrak somewhere so badly!  

The Southeastern Railway Museum is pretty darn cool. They have 35 acres of engines, cabooses, buses, MARTA cars, etc. You can walk through most of the old train cars and climb up in some of the engines. There’s also a train station from the late 1800’s that’s been restored.


After the train museum we headed to Atlantic Station in Atlanta for lunch at Copeland’s Cheesecake Bistro (no photos from there!) and then to Old Fashioned Frozen Custard which I’d been dying to visit because I love frozen custard. It was a bit warm and it was melting fast but it was sooo good!

After that we headed back to home to my cake that Kayla had baked me. She and E iced it and we threw some sparklers on it (I thought they were sparkler birthday candles.. turns out they were just actual sparklers). We took it outside so we wouldn’t set off the smoke alarms and I blew out my sparklers… Well really I just watched as they burned out. You can’t really blow out sparklers.

We went to dinner at a little Italian place near my house and consumed a lot of awesome garlic bread.

Overall not a bad way to turn 25.