New York in May!

We headed back to New York for a few days at the beginning of May! The weather was oddly cold and rainy a few days but we had fun! I was just happy it wasn't 90 degrees like it was in Florida. 

The rain wasn't super fun and it actually flash flooded on that Friday we were there which was very odd and not very fun to be out in. Other than that the day we went to Central Park it was gorgeous! 

Guys, we got to eat cookie dough at Do!! And the first time we went we barely waited at all!! (We went back a second time on Sunday and we had to wait about 30 minutes). It is so yummy! It tastes exactly like raw cookie dough but without the raw eggs so you don't have to worry about getting salmonella! I had the Nuts for Nuts flavor and it was amazing!

We went back to The Lower East Side Tenement Museum again! We did the Irish Outsiders tour this time and man I love this museum! I think if I lived in NY I would try to figure out a way to work or volunteer there! 

We saw Cats the first night we got there which was amazing! I was really pleasantly surprised how much I enjoyed Cats. It has been updated with cool new hi-tech things and I loved the actress that played Grizabella! The worst part was how long we had Cats songs stuck in our heads... My cousin and I saw Anastasia one night too which I was very excited about but I was a little underwhelmed with actually. They made a lot of changes from the story in the movie and that made me sad. It also felt like they added about 10 new unnecessary songs. Ah well, the audience really seemed to love it. 

I introduced Rachael and Waldo to my favorite bagel place at Best Bagel and Coffee which I have deemed the best bagel I've ever had in my life! Every time we eat there I enjoy it so much. And we ate there 3 times during this trip.... Seriously, go grab a bagel there if you're in New York. 

Ah, New York. That grand dame of cities! Sitting here looking at these pictures I wish I was back there! I'll have to start planning another trip soon! 

The Doughnut Corner!

Since we just got back from New York there's no better time to do another doughnut corner post about Dough there! 

I read about a couple of different doughnut places in New York but when I went last fall I decided to visit Dough and I just had to go back last week. Mmmm. I love me some doughnuts.

My favorite is actually the plain glazed, although the cinnamon one was pretty awesome too. 

I have to warn you though, think ahead when planning to get half a dozen. My cousin Derik and I got the half dozen when we went last fall and then we had to carry them all over the city of the rest of the day. And fun fact, they won't let you bring a giant doughnut box into the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But if you're like us, you will then decide to hide the box in the pillars of the building and see if it's still there when you come back out. It was!! We're only hoping that the doughnuts weren't poisoned while we were inside. 

Sidebar: Great security they have at the Met… no one even cared about our suspicious doughnut box… :D

Have you had doughnuts from Dough?? Where else should I eat doughnuts in New York?