The Doughnut Corner!

Since we just got back from New York there's no better time to do another doughnut corner post about Dough there! 

I read about a couple of different doughnut places in New York but when I went last fall I decided to visit Dough and I just had to go back last week. Mmmm. I love me some doughnuts.

My favorite is actually the plain glazed, although the cinnamon one was pretty awesome too. 

I have to warn you though, think ahead when planning to get half a dozen. My cousin Derik and I got the half dozen when we went last fall and then we had to carry them all over the city of the rest of the day. And fun fact, they won't let you bring a giant doughnut box into the Metropolitan Museum of Art. But if you're like us, you will then decide to hide the box in the pillars of the building and see if it's still there when you come back out. It was!! We're only hoping that the doughnuts weren't poisoned while we were inside. 

Sidebar: Great security they have at the Met… no one even cared about our suspicious doughnut box… :D

Have you had doughnuts from Dough?? Where else should I eat doughnuts in New York?