Sally Hansen Gel Nail Polish

A gel manicure that doesn’t require you to go to the salon and show off your horrible looking fingernails (or is that just me?)? Count me in.

470 - Red Eye, 270 - Street Flair, 370 - Sugar Fix, 240 - B Girl. Not pictured: 100 Top Coat

Sally Hansen’s Miracle Gel promises fourteen days of no chipping with no light needed. While I think the only way you can get fourteen days of no chips is by doing absolutely nothing for fourteen days, it still gave me a good four or five days of no chips. Which is a lot better then most of the nail polish topcoats I use. It’s also nice because the shades are opaque after only two coats, and I feel like it dries fairly fast. So you can paint two coats, throw the topcoat on and be done. Plus it’s cheaper then going to the salon to get gel manicures. Especially considering I haven’t had the best of luck with gel manicures from salons in the past.

I got the shades 370 Sugar Fix, 240 B Girl, 270 Street Flair, and 470 Red Eye, and 100 which is just the clear topcoat.

There are over 45 shade options, and can be found at multiple places. I got mine from Wal-Mart and I’m shuddering just thinking about how horrible the nail polish stands were organized. (Bottles were in the wrong spot, half of them were lying down so you couldn’t see them, just bad y’all) I seriously wanted to stand there and reorganize it for them. Aside from the bad nail polish stand, I feel like it has a good color payoff and does actually last a decent amount of time.

Michelles nails. 

Side Note from Michelle: I painted my nails with the green one week and red the next and the colors lasted about 6-7 before days before cracking, which is pretty darn good with how rough I am on my nails at work. I love this nail polish!!