Nashville Trip

I made my second trip to visit Kayla in Nashville the first week of May! I have to say the weather was definitely much nicer this time than it was in December! Highs were in the 70's and 80's most days. It did rain all day on Saturday but it wasn't too terrible, we still managed to go out and wander around and shop. 

We hit up a few of our favorites and tried some new places on this trip. 

We hit up Urban Cookhouse and Newk's which are both favorites of mine from living in Birmingham. We also went back to Proper Bagel and I tried some new cream cheese flavors including their new Reese's Peanut Butter Cup cream cheese which was really, really good!! It wasn't too overwhelming and I LOVE Reese's. I also tried their blueberry cream cheese and that was really good as well. I tried a black and white cookie for the first time too and there's is really good! Nice and soft, and the white icing side has a hint of lemon flavor which I loved. 

On Thursday night we went to Kayla's favorite Nashville restaurant, Pastaria! Their bread is so amazing and fresh. Plus they make all their pasta by hand on site. It was probably the best pasta I've ever had in my life! I got the plain old Chitarra al Pomodoro but it was fantastic! Be warned though the portions are huge!

In my continuing effort to eat all the amazing doughnuts we stopped by the newish Nashville doughnut place, The Donut & Dog. This place specializes in brioche donuts, plus hot dogs, fries and coffee. We grabbed a side of fries as well as two donuts the first time we were there since we were feeling like a snack. Their fries are so good! Crispy and light without being too hard. We also got the Stairway to Heaven donut which is butter glaze, cinnamon & sugar and raspberry. It was an awesome doughnut!! So many layers and flavors, it was substantial without feeling heavy. The Stairway to Heaven was definitely my favorite. (We headed back in on Sunday morning and I got a Dirty O.G.). 


We tried out the historic Bobbie's Dairy Dip one night. And I have to say the cones are HUGE and super messy! Or at least they are if it's as busy as it was the night we went. The ice cream inside my dipped cone was barely frozen. Funny experience though as I made a huge mess trying to eat mine. 


We headed back to Biscuit Love on Friday Saturday morning and I got some more of my beloved bonuts! 

We did a bit of shopping and wandering and we went in my favorite little independent bookstore probably ever. It's called Her Bookshop. Kayla spotted in one day when she was driving around in East Nashville and she thought I'd like it. It is a truly adorable little bookstore and I swear it was like I had curated the collection of books they were selling. So many of them I already wanted to read and then there were new ones that I had to add to my list. There were also some really cute gifts, artwork and kids books. Of course I had to buy a few books! We've gotta support independent bookstores when we can! 

We stopped by the Pharmacy again on Saturday night for dinner and I had another great burger! On Sunday morning we headed out to Radnor Lake State Park and walked the trail around the lake. It was a gorgeous morning with great weather. There were lots of people out on the trails. I would recommend going early if you do go, because the parking lots definitely get full. 

The only picture of us I managed to take. Oops. 

Best of Birmingham: Feast & Forest

How about a Best of Birmingham series?? I'm sure you're dying to know all of our favorite Birmingham spots! 

We tried out Feast & Forest downtown last weekend for brunch and it was very yummy. This place is super cute and pretty hipster. I got the cinnamon roll skillet with blueberry whipped cream which was delectable and Rachael and Kayla got different types of biscuits. I also fell in love with the look of this funfetti cake they have and I want it for my birthday. 

Feast & Forest is located at 212 24th St N Birmingham, AL. They are open for breakfast, lunch and Saturday brunch. 

Saturday Means Farmer's Markets!

We love farmer's markets so much around here!! They're such a fun way to get out of the house on a Saturday morning. They're also my favorite place to baby and dog watch! 

If you were wondering how much we love farmer's market, it should be obvious since both Kayla and I's photos on the about page are from farmer's markets! 

All farmer's markets are not created equal, but Birmingham's Pepper Place is pretty darn awesome! The summer market is its biggest and busiest time but there are so many great things to buy. Lots of produce, local artisans, food trucks, and local restaurants. 

Scope out some different farmer's markets in your area. Sometimes bigger cities have the best ones, but other great ones may be located in a particularly rural area with lots of farms for produce! 

So many interesting things to see at farmer's market. Like the most psychedelic bus/VW bus combo I've ever seen.

The farmer's market in Pensacola

What's your favorite thing to get at the farmer's markets?
Where is the best one that you've been to?

My Dragana Bag!

I've been eyeing this bag from a local artisan for a few months. I saw it in a store while we were at the farmer's market but I talked myself out of it because it was a bit pricy. But now that I've spent a good 8 months searching for a grey leather purse that I like, I saw it the other day again and went ahead and bought it! 

The designer hand makes her leather bags and they are so incredibly soft. I love the cut outs on it. I also love that I can wear on my shoulder or across my body. It's also pretty awesome that the artist is local and I bought the bag from her. Shop local! 

You can check out Dragana's Facebook and her etsy shop.