Links I Love

Have y'all discovered I love Kelle Hampton's writing?? This one was posted on her Facebook with this photo (Photo not mine!).  

Oh hey sea star. Looks like life’s been a little rough lately. I mean, seriously, every single arm. Way to hit a sea star when she’s down.

I know you’re barely hanging on and it feels good to bask in the sunshine out here away from everything that’s been busting you up, but the thing is—you’ll dry up and die up here.

That deep scary ocean that’s taken you for a few rough rides is also what keeps you alive, and it’s waiting for you. Keep swimming. Choose a new current. You don’t want to stay up here. This pleasant-for-a-moment thing will eventually kill you. You need moving tides and challenging waves and currents that will push you on new sea adventures where you can meet new sea star friends (and keep an open mind—urchins are nice too. And coral. And anemones. Different is good.)

I’m going to help you out here and carry you back in. You’ll be fine. In fact, those arms will regrow in no time.
(Psssst. Head toward Greece. I heard it’s beautiful there.)
— Kelle Hampton

I'm also really enjoying The Homesteady's blog over here! 

I'm so in love with this photo blog called Lamb Loves Fox. I love the feeling of her photos so much! And her kids are freaking adorable. 

I stumbled across The Scout Guide the other day when researching things to do in a new city. They've got tons of guides to different cities if you're looking for fun travel ideas.